Rip Spreader



Rip Pedal Cutter comes in handy to cut pedals, head rests, steering wheels, etc. 53k lb force.

The Rip spreader is
lightweight (47.4 lbs.), powerful
and user friendly.
Thanks to the spreading
distance, it can face tasks in
the event of vehicle extrication.
Along with the cutter, ram,
combi-tool and the pedal cutter,
it completes the battery powered
hydraulic rescue equipment.

Rip combi-tool combines
the features of the cutter and the
spreader in a single tool.
Especially suitable for vehicles
extrication, the Rip Combi cuts,
spreads and pulls.

Hoffcomp offers high quality Extrication Tools at a very competitive cost advantage.  We want to demonstrate at your FD.  Call, text or email for a free no obligation demonstration.  See bottom of page for contact information.  Dealer  inquiries welcome.

Rip Ram accessories includes Ram Support for securing an excellent foot hold and 4 extensions, sizes 5 inches, 10 inches, 18 inches and 27 inches can make the opening up to 49.6 inches.

The Rip Cordless Telescopic Ram is equipped with two plungers.
The compact design makes it
usable in very tight spaces... ideal
when it comes to road accidents
and debris lifting.
With extension rods it can reach
up to 49.6 inches overall height.

Rip Combi



Rip cutter is lightweight and
easy to handle.
with just 46 lbs. of weight it
delivers a an amazing cutting force

and is able to cut the posts
and frames of the most recent
It works with DeWalt® FlexVolt
20-60V batteries, and delivers
the same amount of force of a
traditional Cutter.
Thanks to the new battery, the
operating time during extrication
operations will be considerably